Penwald: 4: unison symmetry standing (2010 - ) by Tony Orrico (US)


3+4+5 February @ 18.00-22.00 (doors open @ 17.30) (You're able to come and go as you please)
Penwald: 4: unison symmetry standing (2010 - ) by Tony Orrico (US)
Tickets: 150kr/ 100Kr student

Penwald: 4: unison symmetry standing (2010 - )
Tony Orrico (US)

Orrico stands stationary, facing a wall for four hours, and performs a bilateral drawing via a personal movement practice which responds to environmental cues and the felt-topography of his body. He sustains a sense of falling in his visceral body and leverages action from incoming stimuli and their spatial distances. He repeats this engagement at the same time over the course of three consecutive days with subtle variations in approach. On day one, his left hand is dominant (or choice-making) and the right hand instantly mirrors the pathways, points of redirection, and amount of pressure into the wall; including the postures of his hand holding the graphite sticks. On day two, he generates an inverse attention. The right hand is dominant and the left hand is following. On day three, there is neither selection nor following; only a devotion to receptivity, and Orrico breaks form by bending his knees and rising to his toes. The final installation arrives at a spectral display of effort where the non-dominant and fully integrated experience lands central to the work and more disintegrated experience falls to the outer edges.